A Working Mom's Survival Kit

When you are a working mom, you are responsible for the well-being of two different environments. You must do what needs to be done to maintain your home and family, and you are also responsible for making sure that your work is done. In order to be productive at home and at work, there are certain things that a working mother needs. That is why every working mom should put together her own survival kit and take it with her wherever she goes.


To a mom who is trying to juggle home and work responsibilities, a Smartphone can be that invaluable assistant which makes everything possible. Smartphone's allow a mom to schedule tasks, find information, and stay in touch with everyone who relies on her and who she relies on to get things done. Not only should a working mom have a Smartphone, but she should also sit down and learn how to really use it so that she can enjoy all of its benefits.

An Energy Bar

Working moms sometimes do not have time for luxuries such as lunch, which can cause fatigue later in the day. Instead of feeling woozy because of a lack of nutrition, mom needs to carry an energy bar or two with her at all times. It is amazing how much better people feel when they eat something that is good for them at a time when their energies levels are down.

Online Shopping Accounts

Online shopping is an invention that working moms all over the world have heralded as a life saver. A working mom should establish one or two online accounts with reliable retailers and then use those accounts to get the things that she does not have time to pick up at the store. Find stores that offer rewards programs and incentives to frequent buyers and use those rewards to save money on your regular purchases.

Meals That Are Easy to Make

When working moms have the time, they often like to prepare meals for their families that are restaurant quality. Unfortunately, most working moms only have that kind of time one or two days a week. For the rest of the week, it is quick meals to the rescue. Working moms should fill their refrigerators and freezers with meals that can be made in 15 minutes or less and are popular with the kids. Pre-cooked chicken, canned salmon or tuna, prepared soups, and oven/microwave ready veggies are just some of the foods that are quick to make and kid-friendly. Just keep an eye on the ingredients and keep things as healthy as possible.

Speedy Beauty

Long gone are those hours spent in front of the mirror getting ready to go out. You simply don't have time to blow dry, curl, primp and mask it up anymore. But that doesn't mean that you have to become a washed out shell of your former self. There are gadgets and products that can help you look and feel great without taking tons of time. Try to find beauty items that can be done while you're doing other things like a non-drip face mask or teeth whitening strips that only take 30 minutes; as well as items specifically built as time savers like speed dry nail polish, wet/dry hair irons, no-iron clothes, multi-use cosmetics (save time, money and mess), and tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (3 products in 1!).

Extra Pair of Hands

Whether it's a daily home cleaning service, monthly grout cleaning or annual upholstery cleaning, now that you are back at work you cannot do everything yourself. Get some professional help!

Accessibility Rules

The kids cannot call you at work unless it is an emergency, and work cannot call you at home unless it is an emergency. A working mom needs to sit down with her family and her boss and discuss boundaries that are acceptable for everyone. If a working mom allows her life to become a free-for-all, then she could get burned out on quite quickly.

Facilities With Late Hours

The worst time to find a medical clinic that is open after working hours is when something goes wrong. What would a working mom do if she needed to get emergency dental attention for her children at 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday? It is important to take the time to locate medical and emergency care facilities that are available after working hours and keep their contact information in your Smartphone.

A Good Book

A working mom never knows when she is going to be able to sneak a few minutes for herself and just unwind. That is why every working mom survival kit should include a good book or magazine to read when she has the time. Those quiet moments can come and go in an instant. But if she is ready to enjoy them, then she can use those moments to relieve some of the stress.

Family Photos

When the car breaks down and the school is calling because the kids are acting up, it can be very easy for a working mom to start to feel stretched to the limit. The fastest way to brush that from a working mother's mind and get her focused on the tasks that need to be done is a family picture. All a working mother has to do is take a quick look at why she is working and it will help to put everything into perspective.

A working mother has two full-time jobs and they both need her undivided attention. In order to make it through the day, a working mom needs a survival kit filled with the essential items that will help her to look like the hero she is when the day is done.