The Rise of the Mompreneur

What exactly is a Mompreneur? It is a new kind of business professional who has used necessity as the mother of invention. In other words, it is a phrase attached to proactive women who have decided to create their own solution to a problem that has plagued working moms for a very long time.

Being a Mompreneur means being a working mother who has solved the problem of being able to take care of a family, while still being able to generate a full-time income as well.

Mompreneurs Start Home-Based Businesses

Mompreneurs create their own home-based businesses to generate the income their families need to survive. Why do these moms choose to work from home instead of working with another company? Because it is easier to create your own schedule when you are the one making the rules. But that does not mean that being a Mompreneur is an easy way to make a living.

Being a Mompreneur Can Reduce Stress in Many ways

Running a home-based business while trying to raise children comes with its own set of challenges. But there are several problems with the rat race that are eliminated when a working mother decides to become a Mompreneur.

Mompreneurs do not have to deal with the morning commute and the problems that come with the rising instances of road rage. When a working mom starts her own business at home, she is also eliminating the office politics and gossip that can be a serious source of frustration and tension.

When a working mom stays home, she does not have to put gas in the car regularly, she does not have to invest in work clothes, and she does not have to worry about trying to get the kids to school as fast as possible just so she can make it into the office on time. The stress of being a Mompreneur comes directly from the business she creates, and that is a kind of stress that can be much easier to deal with.

Mompreneurs Find It Easier to Coordinate Their Schedules

When a working mom has a responsibility to a company, she must find ways to wrap her personal schedule around her work schedule. This means finding ways to take care of the kids and also dealing with house issues as well. Some of the more common house issues include:

  • Looking after a sick child who is too ill to go to school
  • Waiting for a repair technician to fix the phone or cable television service.
  • Getting the family vehicle repaired and finding ways to get around while the vehicle is in the shop.
  • The responsibilities that come with trying to be there for her spouse as he fulfills obligations to his job.

A Mompreneur decides when she works, so it becomes much easier to weave her professional schedule in with the rest of the schedules she has to juggle.

A Mompreneur Makes Her Own Opportunities

A working mom who creates her own home-based business can determine her own success. There are no more missed promotions, denied raises, or limited salaries due to her position's pay grade. If a Mompreneur wants to make more money, then it's up to her to go out and earn it. There is no one standing between a Mompreneur and her ability to earn the income that she feels she is entitled to.

The Time To Succeed Is There For The Taking

When a working mom takes time off from her job to have children, the house can get very quiet when the kids start going back to school. The transition process from not working for years back into a job can be extremely difficult because everything has to happen at once. The lure of being a Mompreneur comes from the fact that working mothers can ease themselves into working and do it from their own homes. They can take the time to create a business that works around their personal schedules, instead of being forced to do things the other way around. A working mom can start her business off slowly and then work hard to get it up to a speed she is happy with, instead of instantly jumping back into the hectic pace created by the corporate world.

The Internet has created readily available options such as auction websites and writing online content that can help a working mom to develop a successful career. As long as working moms can find new and inventive ways to start their own home, the persistent rise of the Mompreneur will continue to change the way working moms look at their employment options.