Back To Work

Whether it is time to go back to work after having a baby, or the kids are in school and now mom has the time to go get a job, getting back to work is something most mothers face at some point. Going back to work is good for you because it gives you something to help take your mind off the challenges at home for a little while and the extra income will also be helpful for the household as well.

When mom goes back to work, it can initially be difficult on the kids. But as work life gets slowly integrated into mom's routine, the kids will find it easier to be without her for those hours during the day. This helps children to be able to make friends and develop necessary social skills, but it still does not make the process of going back to work any easier on mom.

Know Your Limitations

Can you handle a full-time job right away and the kids straight away, or should you start off with a part-time position? Sometimes it is easier to get back into working if you are only responsible for 20 or 25 hours a week at the office instead of the full 40 hours. It can be a significant adjustment for moms to go from being home with the children to being at work full time. Instead of trying to take on work responsibilities all at once, consider easing yourself back into the workforce of at all possible.

Talk to Your Boss

It's always best to be upfront with your boss. If you need to leave work a little earlier on Wednesdays, then tell your employer and make those arrangements up front instead of allowing it to be a problem later.

Get Some New Business Clothes

Giving yourself a fresh start in the workforce can make it feel exciting instead of intimidating. Instead of going back work in the same clothes, go out and get new work clothes that make you feel on top of your game.

Every summer, you take your children school clothes shopping because they have outgrown their old clothes and those clothes may be outdated already. Your kids go to school feeling great because they have a new wardrobe. Give yourself that same feeling by investing in some new work clothes of your own.

Talk To Your Family

It is important to discuss your decision to go back to work with your family, especially with your kids. If you suddenly leave the house for hours one day, your young children may be confused. It could also be disastrous if the kids are used to you being there when they get home from school and it is suddenly grandma who meets them after school.

Don't surprise your family with your new work arrangements. Keep everyone in your family informed of what you are doing at all times. From the moment you make the decision to go back to work to your first day back on the job, keep an open channel of communication with your family and make sure that everyone knows what is going on.

Make Arrangements For Your Home Responsibilities Before You Go Back To Work

Sit down and write down a list of all of your home responsibilities that going back to work will affect and then create solutions for those issues.

Is grandma going to be available to take care of the kids after school, or not? Will they need to be enrolled in an after school program or do you need to hire a sitter for the afternoons? Can you manage all the household chores as well as work or do you need to get Dad or the kids involved? Is that realistic or practical or do you need to also hire some outside help for the house cleaning and gardening work? Who will make the kids' lunches for school or will they take money for the cafeteria? Who is responsible for cooking dinner?

If you do not make solid arrangements for your home responsibilities before you go back to work, then you will be disrupting your home life and your new job. You owe it to your family and your employer to make sure that your home life is secured before you start your first day back at the office.

Going back to work when you are a mom is an exciting and anxious time. As long as you take the time to make sure that your home life is covered while you are gone, then the transition back to work should be relatively smooth. But if you don't plan ahead, then you will definitely regret it later.